We at “Next Bihar” are committed to upholding the greatest standards in this new era of media & information. Here is a list of practices our authors and sub-editors adhere to in disseminating information and ideas.

  • Every single story is verified through multiple authentic & credible sources before publishing it on the web.
  • The process of verification of facts and figures isn’t complete only at the publication of the article, it’s an ongoing process through which we make the changes and corrections to the story as if new information is made available.
  • We try to make our story in such a way that it has an unbiased tonality.

There is a clear distinction made between paid articles and advertisements. Any story which is an advertisement carries the name of the company and carries a description of an ‘advertisement’, ‘ad’, or ‘sponsored’.

We ensure that all our articles go through multiple levels of checking, with additional levels added depending on the gravity and topic of the article.

For anything related to our fact-checking policy please report it to [email protected]